"15 Years Ago Today..." Official DF STS Email Today, Go Check!


Today is a huge anniversary date for one of AFI’s biggest record successes of “Sing the Sorrow” that came out 3/11/03. It’s when many of us either first heard of them or fell in love with them that much more.

With that being said, a Despair Faction email has been sent (at about 6PM EST). The details of this email include:

  1. Exclusive DF STS Anniversary Playlist by Jade, Adam, Davey and Hunter
  2. Contest details on winning a SEALED STS book that is LONG OUT OF PRINT. This particular book was pulled from Adam’s personal archive!

Go check your emails to enjoy these benefits!

Also, if you haven’t signed up to https://www.despairfaction.club yet, it takes seconds and we’d love to have you!

Also, if you haven’t pre-ordered your Sing the Sorrow Anniversary bundle yet, there’s still time! Link below!


Still waiting on my email :thinking: (not tucked away in the junk folder either)


I was wondering I have my old DF message board name and possible email,anyway I can retrieve my account


Still no email. Anyone who is DF wanna Pm me the Spotify link? There are a few on here that should be able to vouch I’m DF. Not fussed about clandestine. Got a couple of copies so someone else can have their chance at getting one. Would ask on the fb pages but people are far more twitchy on there.


I send you a message :slight_smile:


Have you been getting the other emails? Is it in your Spam folder?

Also, if I win the Book, I’m giving it away to someone on here.


You’re a star. Cheers


Yeah, usually get them fine. This is the first one I’ve missed. Not in the spam folder.


It’s a pretty decent list. Although clearly not all these songs inspired STS (take me to the hospital was released 6 years after!)