2018 best albums


Oof, I never listen to new music, but I do keep up with some of my other favorite bands, so Id have to say 12 Bloody Spies, by Chevelle is my favorite album thats come out this year so far.:blush:


Really digging the Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers debut. I actually like it better than Against Me!'s previous album, “Shape Shift With Me”.


Wow I completely forgot this was coming out. Have to give it a listen asap


The new Uniform and How to Dress Well albums were probably my favorites of the year. The Beach House was also really good. I was really into the Choir Boy and Hide albums as well. Really loved the American Nightmare record too but I’m a sucker for anything Wes Eisold releases. I think the new Cold Cave ep was my favorite set of songs of 2018.


Yup. Architects - Holy Hell. What an album! Amazing tribute (principle songwriter Tom Searle died of skin cancer, at 28 a couple of years ago, this is their first album since)