30 years: purchases

Has anybody purchased anything from the anniversary collection. Personally I’m holding out for the art of drowning and sing the sorrow

I really like the I Wanna Get A Mohawk t shirt but I really don’t want to pay an extra $50 or whatever because it comes with a cereal box

That one was cool. I agree, I’d end up just eating the cereal on one of those days when I nothing matters, then be upset like a week later when I care again anyway. The pins looked cool but my Era is sing the sorrow that’s the one that got me through my darkest days.

I haven’t bought anything yet; I’m also for the rest of the collection. I’d like to see everything before I decide and I really only want to have to do one order.

I’m not sure I’d buy it, but seeing that cereal box made my day! Classic. :laughing:

Art of Drowning is my favourite album, but I think Sing the Sorrow is probably their masterpiece. :black_heart:

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Is there actually cereal in it? I figured it was just the box. Still not paying $50 for it, I hate cereal :joy:

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I agree with everything except the last statement. I love cereal with cold milk, a classic

Nope. Shipping will be extortionate to outside the US.


Yes, probably. That’s exactly why I only want to do one order. BTW, welcome to the boards! :grinning:

I thought the cereal was probably just the box, too, as a commemorative item. It would be hilarious if they really made an AFI cereal!

Yeah the shirt comes in the box. I told my friend about the 30 years anniversary and he went straight to the sight and we investigated the merch, though we were at different locals, technology is a blessing and a curse. I’m thinking about picking up the in darkness together… shirt. But yeah shirt comes in cereal box.

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I hope your experience here is good. I’ve only been here for a short time, but it’s a good place. Welcome, don’t drink the punch, jk it’s actually pretty good.

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Buy now, receive 6 months later…

I’ve received stuff and totally forgotten that I ordered it… like the “DF exclusive” Nephilim bat…

That’s really annoying… Or, alternatively, surprise Unbirthday present?

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Is it your birthday and you don’t want it to be or is that just a cool Pic. If it’s the former happy un birthday to you

Just a cool pic, it isn’t my birthday, but happy unbirthday to you, too, and to everyone else here!

I meant that one positive of having to wait so long for merch that you forgot that you’d ordered it might be that it’s a bit like getting a surprise gift from yourself.

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Makes sense :thinking: um needs to be 20 characters I guess this fits the bill. Got paid today hopefully they come out with the sing the sorrow stuff. Have plans for first afi tatoo as well I guess that’s not on topic with 30 years purchases but still a purchase and I’m over 30



Just picked these up hopefully they don’t take forever they also came with a free gift wonder what. So these will be my first fashion purchases of afi. I’m very excited

It arrived late to the store but there’s some 50 Black Sails in the Sunset flags up right now!!


If anyone snagged an extra copy of the All Hallows picture disc they’d be looking to sell on, I wasn’t on time to get a copy today :tired_face:

The flags went fast too. I probably would have got that instead of the pins but that nephlin pin is gonna look sick on my guitar strap

I’m bummed I missed on the All Hallows’ skate deck. I guess I’ll start hoping for a cheap one on eBay