? about my AFI Nitro Skateboard &Gold Rabbit DU 5 Flowers DVD

Whats up everyone,hope you are all staying healthy and taking advantage of the stock market!
Anyways today im going to my storage.
I have a mint Nitro AFI Skateboard deck,i was wondering what they go for.
I also have one of only two copies of the Five Flowers DVD(the onewith the directions to follow and at the end hunter is holding an apple. ive never seen a picture posted,yes i went to axis record and comics and watched then was given the DVDand then went on the DF board and typed out the whole events of the DVD.In 06 it was super hard to upload a dvd online. which is GOLD and has the embossed print of a rabbit,not the DU style rabbit but a real looking rabbit.
Ill post pics asap.
Any opinions and info is welcome

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I haven’t heard of these DVD, but I would love to know more!

Is it the Art skatedeck?

Yeah it is.I can swear I had two of them,I kept them mint and totally forgot about them.I was wondering what is fair,id be looking to trade or sell as I got the vinyl variant itch bad!

You have two Art skate decks? Are they still in their wrap?

Last time one sold on ebay… $600.

I have one too and mine is signed by the whole band… it’s a gem.

They were limited to 500.

Whaaat! I wasn’t expecting that!Yeah I got two because they were limited I was planning on riding one and saving one but I just couldn’t do it because they looked so awesome.I have the box it came in but they’re not wrapped,When I put them away I wrapped an up so they’d be protected.
That is awesome you got yours signed!