ACT FAST! All Hallows 10" Blue Vinyl Back in Stock! [ITEM IS NOW OUT OF STOCK]

UPDATE: OUT OF STOCK (again - sorry if you missed out!)

Special thanks to @dnlkdwll for pointing this out but if you missed the opportunity to purchase the limited edition of the “All Hallows EP” on Blue Vinyl from Newbury Comics, you’re in luck! They are back in stock! They are limited to 5 per customer with a total limited run of 500.

If you want it, need it, you better act fast! It’s only $15.99 (plus shipping).

Yes. It’s a part of the original run. NBC doesn’t put all copies of a pressing up for sale at once. They save some for their brick and mortar locations and reserves just in case an order has an issue and a replacement is needed.

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That didn’t take long… LOL.

I think they actually sold out again either yesterday or same day. Thanks again @dnlkdwll

Also, thanks again to @Snobgrass for hooking me up. I didn’t buy one this time around due to his generosity. :slight_smile:

Sold out again. Last time, it sold out while it was in my cart. I just ordered one off of Discogs for $29. A hefty price, but it’s one of my favorite releases of all time. Couldn’t pass this one up.


Sorry. I’ll edit the title. I should’ve done that anyway.

Welcome btw :slight_smile:

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Why, thank you :slight_smile:


Shout out and much thanks and appreciation to the man they call snobgrass for his generosity and overall kindness with this record.