AFI Album Cover Puzzle Game - Designed by @Blag


Earlier today @Blag posted a link to a custom AFI album puzzle game that can go right on your desktop in less than one minute. I just downloaded it myself and it’s awesome. If you wish to try this out, just follow the instructions below.

First, this is @Blag’s original post about this game:
So after seeing (at least a screenshot) of an AFI game…my developer self wasn’t happy :slight_smile: So…as I haven’t code in ActionScript for a long time…I decided to build a little something to share :smiley:

It’s an AFI Puzzle game :slight_smile: When you open it you will find an AFI Album cover and if you press “Spacebar” it will change randomly…as soon as you click on the image, it will break apart as those old puzzle games…when you solve it, it will become whole again and you would be able to use “Spacebar” again and play again :wink:

You can download it from my Dropbox…simply install it (no worries…not virus or crap like that)

Hope you guys like it :slight_smile:


  1. Click here to download puzzle game
  2. You may need Adobe Air to open this file, to install Adobe Air for free, click here.
  3. Once you open the game… press the “Spacebar” until you get the album cover you want to play with
  4. Click the image for it to “scramble”
  5. The square at the bottom right will be black, click any block beside it to move the puzzle pieces.