AFI - Bodies has leaked

Wonder what everyone’s thoughts are on the new songs.

I think my take-away from the album will always be Begging For Trouble, but No Eyes is a close second for me. I keep coming back to it.

AFI albums just keep getting fewer and fewer tracks. The Wind That Carries Me Away was a far better outro.

Blaqk Audio has been announced for Cruel World Fest, hopefully we’ll get some AFI next year as well. I distinctly recall Davey saying no AFI tour dates for 2021.

Did it really need to “leak”? They’ve already released most of the album as singles. Weird rollout of this album.

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Call me… well heck I don’t know what you’d call me. However, I outright refuse to listen to this leaked release. I mean come on it’s less then 24 hrs from the official release and I paid for the album and will listen to it when I get it.

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I don’t like it as much as other AFI albums

Some scattered thoughts on my first pass:

-This album overall is the most I’ve noticed Hunter and Adam since Crash Love, which is great.

-“Twisted Tongues” seems so promising at the beginning and then the chorus kinda doesn’t deliver. I wish it was a little more explosive, maybe something like the chorus of “Rewind”. I don’t hate it, but I’m pretty sure it’s my least favorite AFI album opener.

-As much as I love Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie, I’m a pretty casual Smashing Pumpkins fan after that. Is “Dulceria” the best thing Billy Corgan has been involved with in like 20 years?

-“Begging For Trouble” was my favorite of the tracks that got released early. Definite Crash Love vibes on this one.

-“Back From the Flesh” sounds like Depeche Mode a lot. (Everyone is saying this, right?)

-I have no idea “Looking Tragic” will catch on with anyone who isn’t already a fan in 2021, but sometime in the past 40 years this would have been a hit.

-Wow, I really like “Death of the Party”. This feels like it could have been an early single on Wax Trax! This one’s my first listen favorite. Wonder how much of the electronic stuff from this album they’re planning to do live.

-“Tied to a Tree” has the same problem as Tongues, where it sounds like it’s gonna be awesome and then the chorus sorta doesn’t do what I want it to. The verses remind me of NIN. I wish the chorus did too. Ha.