AFI broke Ticketmaster

At least temporarily at my end, so I didn’t get tickets! If anyone happened to snag a spare standing ticket and would consider selling it, please let me know :sob:

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Was on computer
Had 2 tickets ready for cart after puting in presale and bam shit kicked me off into the que of over 2000 people :expressionless: ticket master can go F itself

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That sucks :frowning: I’m gonna try the next presale tomorrow but I feel like it’s pretty much sold out now and ticket prices are crazy

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Next presale is tomorrow best of luck to you! Hopefully we can get tickets i really really dont wanna be sitting down for this show

Same, i hate seated shows, it just feels wrong!

Just looked on ticket master, GA tickets are for sale again


Especially for an album like sing the sorrow!

Its for platinum members

You have to keep refreshing. It seems Ticketmaster let’s tickets out here and there. I got GA after an hour and a half of refreshing. Ending up paying way more than I wanted to, but :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Yep, I was in the artist presale not platinum. Some seated tickets just came up again. Keep refreshing

Does anyone know if there’s a mailing list or whatever that you need to sign up for, for the Live Nation presale tomorrow? Or just buy tickets via the Live Nation website instead of going direct to Ticketmaster?

When I popped into ticketmaster to check out tickets, they were all $49 each. I’m not going… not in the cards for me, but I was curious to see how fast the tickets were going.

It doesn’t help that DF emails go to my “Promotions” folder, so I don’t get notified of them.

I don’t believe so! You just need the code which is: HEADLINE

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I snagged tix at 9:am. No problems.
See you all there.


Were you able to get tickets??