AFI “Easter Eggs”


Ever see anything AFI related in tv shows, etc?


I found this gem last night on Modern Family
I HAD to share it☺️


On One Tree Hill I believe Peyton has an AFI poster visible on her wall through a lot of the episodes.


I can’t find a screencap or a video, but in the episode Runaway of Warehouse 13 Claudia is gifted the Black Sails vinyl. I’m pretty sure there’s a poster and everything.

Edit: Apparently the episodes are free with ads on Amazon lol. here are the caps:


Last Resort by Papa Roach


Perfect by Simple Plan


No pictures or anything, but years ago back when Crash Love was released, channel 10 news(in Australia) had the music for Torch Song(no vocals) playing in the background of their 11pm sports update. Was completely random but blew my mind at the time.


The Project also played bits of songs every now and then - both AFI and Blaqk Audio. Caught me off guard every time.


100% an AFI fan in the channel 10 headquarters. Wonder if we could find them. :thinking:


I’ve posted this here before, but this is from Essex County by Jeff Lemire. Great book.


10/12/2006 ER season 13 episode 4, Miss Murder playing in the background in the opening scene.


Tonight’s episode of Modern Family s10e15…same poster was displayed in Dylan’s van! Too lazy to grab a screenshot…


Awesomeee, seeing AFI things (anywhere basically) gets me so hype! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: