AFI fans and pro wrestlers, Jimmy Havoc to face Jessicka Havok at "LitUp" Wrestling Event on 4/5


It’s very well-known that these two professional wrestlers are HUGE fans of AFI. Not only do they wear the colors and the logos, they also use AFI songs as their theme music; namely Jimmy Havoc. Jimmy used to use “Miss Murder” and now uses “I Hope You Suffer” as seen in the video below. The crowd even sings along to the song.

On 4/5/18, the event called “Lit Up” will feature these two wrestlers going against each other. For anyone interested in this event, it is located:

Pontchartrain Convention & Civic Center
4545 Williams Blvd, Kenner, Louisiana 70065

You can also check out the Facebook event link directly below!

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I’ve known Jessicka since Highschool.
We shared a love for AFI and saw them live together. She’s one of the most endearing friends I’ve had. She’s back on TNA now!

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