AFI internet memorabilia


What are your dearest AFI-related internet memories, videos, old websites, montages? Pretty much anything related to the band that was floating around the internet during the 2000’s?
I remember so many fansites that were strangely amusing back in the day. The first thing that pops into my mind is The Church of Havok that was hilarious. I also remember that weird 8-bit AFI game where the band members had to save Halloween from Danzig’s evil twin.


AFI Series, ixnay and Alli


Gosh, you played that game? I’m seriously hoping someone with an old Gateway computer does a Let’s Play of this thing. I’d tried to download it years ago, it but of course, it’s Windows only, and the link was broken.
Other than that, there are those e-cards that were done by the guys who made Homestar Runner (“Will you be my valentine?”). And Jade vs. His Hair is a fan classic. Not sure that I enjoy any of those more than any other.
Of course there’s the old Despair Faction boards but we’ve talked about that at length already.


I think my fondest, earliest memories of AFI online were when the Despair Faction was forming just before AFI left Nitro.

I’m huge on the DF, hence why I made this :slight_smile:


I still have this AFI game on my computer - is this the one that you were thinking of @PitchBlaqk?

Credit to Drew as he was known on the DF.

I haven’t played it in ages - I don’t recall it having the ‘saving Halloween from Danzig’s evil twin’ storyline. Will have to play it again :grin:


I remember playing that game on my old Toshiba laptop somewhere during 2007. It was hilarious and it had 8 -bit versions of AFI songs. You played as Davey and had to defend yourself from rabid fangirls who you called poseurs pretty much all the time. I’d love if somebody posted the link to the game since I’ve searched everywhere and I can’t find it. :’( The e-card sounds so familiar, could you post a link to it if it’s still available?


Please tell me someone remembers
It may get flagged it’s a basic site there’s no mal ware it’s recommended you don’t use a credit card there’s no reason or function to use a credit card anyway.check it out if you can it’s from when I was I. Jr high 7th grade


Holy cow! I remember this website like it was yesterday and it’s been a decade since I’ve seen it.


1: As I recall the AFI game that PitchBlaqk was talking about was Sing the Sorrow era, but that’d be cool to see a let’s play of this too, if, of course, you’re up to it. I’m not too familiar with how game streaming works but you may need a microphone that plugs into your computer.
2: The AFI E-cards can be found on YouTube. Here’s one.
3: Yes, I remember Davey on a Stick. I haven’t been there because Google flagged that site as harmful, but just the concept of Davey Havok on a stick makes it memorable.

Does anyone remember the AFI push-up girls? Tiffany and Gretchen from Texas? What ever happened to them?


Damn, Tiffany and Gretchen, I vaguely remember them. One or both of them moved to CA and I lost track of them after that. The Texas part I recall because they posted pictures from Halloween 99 in… Houston? I could be wrong about the city, but AFI was somewhere in Texas on Halloween that year. Looks like some of Tiffany’s site is still reachable through the Wayback Machine.

Were they also into Tsunami Bomb or am I confusing them with some other internet presence from that era?
EDIT: They were into TB also. Just found that part on the site.


Wow, yes I remember that. I remember it being pretty dumb, but I remember it, lol.


Ooh, I’d love to see that game too. I hope someone finds it.
I am probably the worst person to ask about how to do a game stream/capture a video of what’s on the screen but if someone can let me know how, I may be able to do it :slight_smile:.


Windows key + G

*extra characters to reach post threshold


Thanks @Pablo, I tried this but apparently I don’t have the right video card/video card driver to record it :frowning:. I tried updating the video card driver but it didn’t work- I still can’t record.


So after seeing (at least a screenshot) of an AFI game…my developer self wasn’t happy :slight_smile: So…as I haven’t code in ActionScript for a long time…I decided to build a little something to share :smiley:

It’s an AFI Puzzle game :slight_smile: When you open it you will find an AFI Album cover and if you press “Spacebar” it will change randomly…as soon as you click on the image, it will break apart as those old puzzle games…when you solve it, it will become whole again and you would be able to use “Spacebar” again and play again :wink:

You can download it from my Dropbox…simply install it (no worries…not virus or crap like that)

Hope you guys like it :slight_smile:


How come I can’t see any art from Tiffany’s Site? That was my Favorite part. There doesn’t seem to be a button to link me when I get to the art page. Do I need to go back further in time? Have you got it to work somehow?


The wayback machine is weird that way. I don’t really know how it decides when to archive images and when not to. You could maybe try pulling up the site from a different date? (Not sure how often it would have been archived but that’s my only idea, unfortunately.)


I’m having some difficulty with this. I finally got it to open (I had to install this: which wasn’t a big deal).

So I have it open, click on the cover and it scrambles like you said, but how do you move the pieces? I try dragging them and it doesn’t work. Hitting spacebar also doesn’t do anything for me.


Oh…I guess I should have included a Readme or something…well…you press spacebar until you get the image that you want…the click on the image and it will scramble…the last square on the right bottom corner should be black and that’s the empty space…if you click on any square that is next to the black square they will swap…and that’s how you move the pieces…let me know if you still have problems :slight_smile:


YES! I GOT IT! Thanks. That all works. :slight_smile:

LOL I have this as a desktop shortcut.