AFI interview via PureGrainAudio's "Stargasm" on an awkward John Waters encounter and photo w/ "Long Duk Dong"

PureGrainAudio has unleashed their inaugural video series called, “Stargasm”.

In this episode, Davey and Jade speak about when they’ve been “starstruck” by people they’ve met. Davey talks of his encounter with Film Director, John Waters and Jade mentions his photo opportunity with “Long Duk Dong”.

"…named after a duck’s dork."

Alright, so they do get the starstruck feeling. That makes me feel just a little less embarrassed about my interaction with Jade.

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@StageGhost I met Davey in 2003 and it was definitely a very hype and starstruck moment.

I know it won’t be any better come the next time. Lol. Davey has been too much of a role model for me to NOT have this naturally happen.

It’s always interesting hearing that people who I would be starstruck by if I met them get starstruck still.

Also if I ever meet any member of AFI I will probably have the same reaction I did when I met Misha Collins (the first time, now he lives a couple blocks from me, so it’s normal) and Joss Whedon. I lost the ability to speak. Thank goodness for my sister. She lacks the ability to be starstruck.