AFI Phone Cases?

Has anyone seen/own any AFI cell phone cases? I know there are countless sites that make cases special order, but has there ever been a run of them before? It’d be great to have some standard album art ones, or even some of the more obscure art.

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Officially licensed ones would be where it’s at. I don’t believe I have ever seen any though.

I’ve never seen an official one. There are a ton of unlicensed ones.

I’ve never actually searched for the unofficial ones. Got any links?

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Ummmm, here’s a link to a search I did for you. I just typed in AFI.

I’m at work, so I can’t help much right now. I also don’t know if people are going to happy with me posting unoffical merch links here.

But usually searching AFI on Redbubble, Society 6, or even Etsy pulls stuff up. :slight_smile:

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Those cases are awful. It’s funny how people always design the tackiest knock off cases.


I’m sure you follow what AFI stuff pops up on eBay, but have you seen those shower curtains? That’s the most random band merch idea I’ve come across… and I have a black AFI candle.

Back to the phone cases…
Your best bet is to make something yourself. Buy a cheap snap on case. Usually you can find these on Amazon for <$10 for any phone model. Then put a sticker(s) to cover the case. You might need something to use as a finisher to make sure the sticker doesn’t fade, but if it does fade, then you can always put a new sticker design on. This is my best suggestion and its easy for someone with no artistic abilities (read: me) to put together.


That is the absolute best/worst thing I have ever seen!


I never said they were good. :wink:

Besides, I have to have boring cases; work demands it. Haha.

AFI curtains… I wonder who will be the first to take them to get signed? LOL.


I don’t know if any of you guys have seen this bad boy before, from my Instagram account,
but this is an officially licenced phone case which I picked up from Hot Topic many years ago! Appreciate there’s not too many people rocking a Nokia 5110 these days but definitely one of the more obscure items in my collection none the less! :joy:


I REMEMBER THAT CASE! My friend had it. LOL. We- the youngest kids in our little gang- thought he was the coolest person ever. Not only was he a freshman in high school, BUT he also had an AFI phone case (and the phone was cool, too).

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I remember that case… I think I might have even had it as a collectors item at one point. I used to work at Hot Topic (YEARS AGO) and employees got 40% off everything except music was 10% I believe.

@Nick210 I ended up finding my AFI phone case yesterday, still in the package, never opened. I’m fairly certain I got it for next to nothing at the time. Again, I was working at Hot Topic, plus I think it was marked down.

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