AFI Recap (DAVEY GOES TO FLOOR!) from Starland Balloom in Sayreville, NJ 06.18.17 Feat. Signed Set List and VIDEOS!


AMAZING SHOW! First. I’d like to give a few shout-outs to people that I met at the show. Todd, Ashley and Kim! It was great to meet the three of you! I hope to see you posting on here! :slight_smile:

Also, thank you to Adam, Jade and Hunter for coming out later after the show to sign stuff and get their photos taken with all of us! There were roughly 50-70 fans that stuck around after the show. Also, thank you to the guy who handed out the extra setlists to to us who were waiting! It’s the FIRST set list I have ever gotten (PICTURED BELOW). I actually had brought a magazine spread, Black Sails EP and Days of the Phoenix EP to get signed, but I ended up just getting the magazine spread and set list signed by the band.

Thank you, SMITH!!! For those who may not know, Smith is Jade’s brother who I believe is still their tour manager and has been for many years. Smith was walking around getting things wrapped up later after the show and I said Hi to him and asked him to sign my set list. He drew an OLDSCHOOL AFI LOGO!!! The same logo that’s on the earlier records (7"s) like “Behind the Times”. Smith is super-fantastic and was great enough to let everyone know that Davey had actually already left… no fans left though. :slight_smile:

Smith was also awesome enough to take my set list into AFI’s tour bus and have Jade sign it!

Fun fact: Davey recognized Father’s Day during the show just before they played “6 to 8”. Davey mentioned that his Father is one of his longest supporters and that his Father was actually there at the show!!! So naturally, Davey probably left with his Dad right after. Unfortunately, I did not record this part but someone else may have. It wasn’t easy to record from where my wife and I were… but that was a good thing!

Here are the two main videos that I recorded. I recorded most of “I Hope You Suffer” mainly because I knew Davey would be entering the audience. I also got their 2nd encore, which was “Totalimmortal”. Davey was almost RIGHT BESIDE ME!!! He says in the video, “It’s so hard to get to the floor” and then, “this is so '91”, AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!! This was my 6th time seeing AFI and this show was the BEST of all.

LASTLY, if you’re reading this, PLEASE register to this forum and post your experiences! I’m trying to create a new community forum JUST FOR AFI FANS. SInce the official forums are still down, I’ve decided (thinking about it for months beforehand) to start my own. I’ve been running another forum of 2 million+ posts since 2009. Trust me - I am dedicated.

So, please join! It’s quick and FREE!

Thanks again to Adam, Jade and Hunter for being so great and humble to the fans after the show!!!

~ Scott

AFI Footage from Starland Ballroom, Sayrevilla, NJ feat. Celluloid Dream, Lost Souls and more
UPDATE # 2 w/ Full Version of "Anxious" VIDEO: AFI Set List from Cleveland features "Who Knew?" and "Anxious" as live premieres!

This was my first time seeing AFI. You say this is the best show of theirs you’ve been to, so I feel kind of lucky to have been there.

I was always really into the band’s Black Sails- AoD era but I honestly checked out for a couple of albums after Decemberunderground. The Blood Album, I feel, is their best in a long time, so I figured now would probably be a good time to go see them play. Add to that the fact they’ve been mixing up their setlists a whole lot during this tour. I was really psyched to hear them play so many old songs.

I was situated over by the right end of the stage, right next to the bar that Davey climbed up onto during the bridge of Lost Souls. During the show, I got a sense that he was really dedicated to making sure he covered the whole crowd at some point.

Anyway, this show was the best show I’ve been to in a long time and I would definitely see these guys again if given the chance.


@horrorpunx That is so awesome! Yeah, their setlist was very satifying… especially when they started Totalimmortal. From watching the music video so many times, to listening to the All Hallows EP in the car especially around Halloween… windows down, blasting it… made the entire show complete.

I keep watching this video of him entering the crowd and it kinda makes me sad. He was SO CLOSE to getting on the floor. I don’t think the crowd realized he was trying to get down. However, when he was almost on the ground and I was one person away… I was in another world; just a surreal moment.

As far as seeing them again… I will definitely go to as many of the surrounding shows as possible when they come around again. :slight_smile: