AFI Releases, Release Dates

This thread will serve as an archive for which EVERY cassette, CD, vinyl, digital, etc was released. I’ll start filling it with release art and dates soon.

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Work in progress. I’d also like to incorporate the record labels for each release as well.

03/02/1993 - Dork
06/11/1993 - Behind the Times
03/14/1994 - Eddie Picnic’s All Wet
03/31/1995 - Fly in the Ointment
??/??/1995 - Heckle (Split)
07/04/1995 - Answer That And Stay Fashionable
??/??/1996 - Bombing the Bay (Split)
06/18/1996 - Very Proud of Ya
11/11/1997 - Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes
09/29/1998 - A Fire Inside EP
05/18/1999 - Black Sails in the Sunset
10/05/1999 - All Hallow’s EP
09/19/2000 - The Art of Drowning
03/11/03 - Sing the Sorrow
06/06/2006 - Decemberunderground
09/29/2009 - Crash Love
10/22/2013 - Burials
01/20/17 - AFI (The Blood Album)


Can you format as a table? That would be helpful in this case.

I mean, there’s lways this to help you out:


Full disclosure, I only found the link because I found the group email chain between me, 4ibanez, pablo and the dude that ran the site when we were working on that discography. It’s essentially a re-worked afiseries discography, but even here not all the info is 100% accurate, because I think this might have been before Geoff got in touch with some clarifications.

It would be cool if you could somehow transfer the info over to this place, to keep it alive.

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I believe Dork is actually May 2nd according to a more recent conversation with Geoff.

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@Acidpickle I verified March 2nd with Geoff tonight on Instagram. He does recall saying that, but he mistyped the date.