Afi sale on collectables from england info

I didnt post this in marketplace because im not selling anything but i got an email about a sale I’d Iike to share with you.check out a site called cool stuff for afi collectors.shipping is prolly 6 to 8 bux from england.have a great day.

I think I might have gotten my Love Like Winter CD with the rock mix from this site.

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Not to bring negativity to your thread but this site is dead as majority of the old sellers on that site have migrated to Discogs. There’s no guarantee that your order will be fulfilled if your order on that site as sellers’ inventory are not 100% up-to-date in some cases.

Just follow the times and buy from Discogs.


Yeah I agree, they seem to list a lot of stuff yet none of it is in stock.

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Actually i consider it positive info.ive never ordered from them and now am apprehensive.I’m a member of discogs already.i love that site and English record store i order from sometimes is vinyltap records.theyr really awesome and as fast as possible in shipping.thank you.i appreciate all the knowledge and advice the members of this site of the reasons im proud to be a member.thank you all for accepting me.i love this place.once i get a new phone I’m gonna upload some pics.this phone fights me just to text.take care.