AFI set footage & setlist from last night in Providence, RI


Last night AFI hit their next stop on the ‘Blood Tour’ at Providence, RI. Last nights song struck back as far as '97 with "Keeping Out of Direct Sunlight" (Intro song on 'Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes) being the 10th song they played for their massive audience at the 7:05 marker in the video below (thanks to East Coast Romper). @_tonibell

Songs / Albums played below:

  1. 2003, Sing the Sorrow: 5
  2. 2017, Blood Album: 3
  3. 1999, Black Sails in the Sunset: 1
  4. 2000, Art of Drowning: 2
  5. 2013, Burials: 3
  6. 1997, Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes: 1
  7. 2009, Crash Love: 1
  8. 2006, Decemberunderground: 1

(only bits of each song included in video)

Credit to @AFINewsHQ


This was such an amazing show.


I was going to try to get a setlist, but that will only be possible if I get to the very front tonight… we’ll see. lol

Not sure I’m that optimistic… :slight_smile:


If my 5’1", 90lb form can get right to the front, I think you have a shot. I made a beeline for Jade’s side.


Btw. They played a bit of Jack the Ripper before Girl’s Not Grey last night.


GGGGGASSSSSSSPPPPPSPSSSSSSSS… Jack the Ripper? They didn’t play the whole song??

I love that song…


Someone screamed out “Jack the Ripper,” Davey started singing it a bit acapella, Jade gave him an exasperated look but smiled and played along, and they played the first verse and chorus, then jumped into Girl’s Not Grey. It was magical.