AFI Set List & Album Breakdown 07.31.18 Massachusetts


AFI’s second show in the states just came to a close and thanks to forum member @Cher_I_Despair via Facebook, we’ve got the set list! Their set was one song shorter than previous night, however tonight’s show featured new songs not yet played on this tour including “Totalimmortal”, “Killing Lights” and “Aurelia”.

  1. Girl’s Not Grey (Sing the Sorrow)
  2. This Celluloid Dream (Sing the Sorrow)
  3. Killing Lights (Decemberunderground)
  4. Paper Airplanes (Sing the Sorrow)
  5. Aurelia (Blood Album)
  6. Lost Souls (Art of Drowning)
  7. Snow Cats (Blood Album)
  8. I Hope You Suffer (Burials)
  9. Totalimmortal (All Hallow’s EP)
  10. Miss Murder (Decemberunderground)

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Im totally being a setlist hog​:joy::joy::joy:


Nyc show spot!!!


If only I could do this like you… lol. See you this weekend, @Cher_I_Despair.