AFI Set List & Album Breakdown from San Diego, CA 08.01.17


There are only 3 more US tour dates including AFI’s performance tonight in Paso Robles, CA at the Vina Robles Amphitheater!

Last night AFI struck San Diego with a powerful set list featuring both 37mm and Anxious for the first time together since 37mm was debuted live on July 18th, 2017. It was a 15-song set list that stretched across several albums, especially Sing the Sorrow with 6 songs from that album being played.

6 x songs played - Sing the Sorrow
3 x songs played - Blood Album
1 x songs played - Crash Love
3 x songs played - Decemberunderground
1 x songs played - Art of Drowning
1 x songs played - Burials

  1. Miseria Cantare - Sing the Sorrow
  2. Girl’s Not Grey - Sing the Sorrow
  3. So Beneath You - Blood Album
  4. Anxious - Blood Album
  5. Beautiful Thieves - Crash Love
  6. This Celluloid Dream - Sing the Sorrow
  7. Love Like Winter - Decemberunderground
  8. Snow Cats - Blood Album
  9. Paper Airplanes - Sing the Sorrow
  10. 37mm - Decemberunderground
  11. Days of the Phoenix - Art of Drowning
  12. I Hope You Suffer - Burials
  13. Silver and Cold - Sing the Sorrow
  14. This Time Imperfect - Sing the Sorrow
  15. Miss Murder - Decemberunderground

Credit: AFINewsHQ
Set List source: @ryannkristena


Why the heck is Miseria Cantare opening for all of these recent shows?? It’s not fair. I’m so insanely jealous…


I’d honestly rather have Strength Through Wounding if I had to choose. They play so much STS stuff at all shows that’s it’s nice to have them dive into the older intro.


Suppose I should be grateful since I got Strength in Minneapolis as an encore. One of my favorite music experiences.


Sayreville, NJ at the Starland Ballroom = my favorite / best AFI show experience. We officially got 18 songs. The only other show that qualifies for getting that many songs is the Kansas City show on 7/22 where Davey did the Jack the Ripper acapella.

But yeah, we got 18 songs and a SECOND encore being Totlaimmortal. It was the last time (so far) that Totalimmortal was performed. That’s another significance of getting my set list framed. :slight_smile:


I was at this show. It was absolutely insanely fun. I was in the second row of seats, and Davey hopped down to go into the crowd right in front of me. And they put out a high energy performance as usual.

AFI = Best Live Band.


For real. I just saw them in Febuary and I’m considering going out of state to see them again. I’ve been to some really great shows in the past few years. But the set lists and the energy I know is coming puts AFI over the top for me.


This set list, though. Amazing. @BrandonsNotGrey I was so jealous keeping up with your Insta last night. LOL. It looked like SUCH a good time.


It was great. I will admit, all I wanted was them to play Malleus, it’s one of my favorite AFI songs.

I posted three videos on my Instagram feed. I Hope You Suffer, Days of the Phoenix, and So Beneath You. Otherwise I was busy having a good time, I devoted myself to not taking as many pictures this time, as it might be the last AFI show I go to for a while if they don’t do another Blood Tour (although I hope they do).

Here’s the link to my insta:

Also, Citizen is a super cool band, and they were great live. If you can’t go to a show with them, do yourself a favor and check them out anyways. They’re kind of like Souvenirs, but with a rougher edge.


I was there too. Malleus Maleficarum was one of the best parts


Hmmm, I’ll have to start looking for videos soon. This sounds amazing. As soon as you hear or see Davey entering the crowd it’s always the prime time of the show. They’re energy levels make the venue go through the roof.

It also makes it hard to buy merch before the show, LOL.


It also always puts a panicked look on the security guards’ faces.


I wonder why… are they essentially in charge or making sure no one gets hurt? I would have to assume they have strict procedures to follow.


I think part of security’s job is to ensure the artist doesn’t get hurt, hence the barricade and the security guards lining it. I don’t think Davey is always upfront about his intention to cross into the crowd, so when it happens suddenly, security often doesn’t know what to do.


I was wondering how he was going to get into the crowd during I Hope You Suffer. He figured it out. lol