AFI Tattoos - I'll start with one of mine!


It always comes to other financial obligations now. Between that and the long thought process of what and where. It’s going to be an AFI tattoo… just not sure what location yet. Arms, chest and back - my only areas I have the desire to get tattooed.


I’m actually going in for my consult tomorrow to begin the planning/booking stages of my full arm sleeve 100% dedicated to AFI. I have some ideas of what I want to do, and how I want it incorporated, but I am going to let the expert tell me what will work and what won’t. It will have a majority of AOD, AH, and BSITS as the color works so well, but I am definitely going to attempt to incorporate every album (aside from ATASF and VPOY as the artwork would clash).


I’m impressed. Good luck with the consult!


I’ll eventually convert my shoulder AFI tattoo to start to be a full sleeve.


You’re all making me want to keep thinking about what I want to get…

@Acidpickle @BrandonsNotGrey you two better post pics! :slight_smile:


January 16 is the outline and I should have the entire sleeve done by May. The artist used to listen to them in high school and actually saw them live the last time they were in town, so that makes me even more happy I am going with her.


Amazing! I hope it comes out as awesome as you want it to. :slight_smile:


I did the pumpkin, on my shin, myself. My “brother” Yeti has it on his back, done by me, and my “daughter” Vicky Hyde will getting done by me soon too as a family piece.


Seeing this makes me eager again… one of these days I’ll start up again.

The hardest part is finally deciding what I want, because I’d like to make it into a sleeve.


I have this in red for Blaqk Audio’s Say Red song.
My husband’s is done in blue, because of my love of my hair being blue.


I got this one 2005 and 2010 or so my daughter’s friend Victoria Weir, had me do this one on her back too, just a little lower as a shared “family” piece.


Do you have a shop? If so, where? (I remember you saying you’re in TN)




No. I do events in Knoxville, Tn. but you’re welcome to message me. <3


That’s lovely work!!!


My husband and I got this one together with a third friend. It’s from the Clandestine book…


Love this! Really love the script. And the STS symbol is beautifully done.

@Humma all gorgeous work!


My half sleeve


GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS work. Really beautiful.


I LOVE your take on your Black Sails tattoo! Very original. :slight_smile: