AFI... this weekend, who else is going?



I am going, should be a great show! Loving the diverse setlists this tour.


Yo, thanks for registering! Sorry it’s a bit of a ghost town now, but I was debating about opening my own fan forums for AFI for months… do you have any idea why the DF forums closed?


Oh, BTW don’t forget to bring your DF card. I just recently found mine… luckily still in great condition, so I’m hooing exclusive offers still apply with it.

Maybe a Blood Tour DF shirt, etc.


I imagine the DF forums closed due to inactivity? I dunno, the DF seems kinda defunct these days.

I don’t even know where my DF card is anymore. I’m going to wear my shirt if I can find it, otherwise I’ll wear a Burials tour shirt I got!


Gotcha. I’ll admit… I fell out of my AFI craze around '09 and have been watching and listening from a distance. However, since seeing AFI again this past February totally revitalized my addiction. I just hope it wasn’t too late. Basically, I hope I’m able to get more and more folks on here. We shall see. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was very happy when I found my DF card. I actually asked DF via if membership was still open… all they said was it was closed now and will reopen periodically. Whatever that means… you’d think it’d be open now with the Blood Album being so fresh.


Hope you guys have fun! Tonight’s show in Providence was amazing. Great set list. And, dude, my DF card was lost back in college. :sob: I just showed my emails tonight in order to get the DF shirt.


Sick! So it does still matter to show DF credentials? ?? GOOD. I kinda got scared when I ordered a grab bag via for $10 and I got a DF tour shirt.

Don’t get me wrong, I was happy about it… but that just means anyone could get DF stuff.

I’m still looking for my original Under the Rose… :frowning:
@_tonibell were you able to get anything signed tonight?


I had to show the emails, so I think you def still need credentials. And no, I didn’t wait outside. I always feels funny doing that. Plus, my friend who came with was so tired. :frowning: poor girl. Maybe when I go to Maine I’ll actually wait outside.


Okay… the plan is that we are, but yeah, I know what you mean about feeling funny… it’s that slight “stalker” feeling, lol.

Well, the rule years ago at their Meet & Greets was to bring two things max, so I’m bringing my DOTP ep and a magazine article I made into a small poster… and silver sharpies. :slight_smile:


Good luck! I know Davey, Adam, and Hunter went out last night. Not sure about Jade, but I feel like he gets overwhelmed with that stuff. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! Thanks for the heads up… that gives me more hope. I only ever got items signed twice… Warped Tour ‘01 and a Meet & Greet back in 03’. I got my limited Black Sails grey marble vinyl and Art skatedeck signed by everyone.

Those moments are always surreal… and of course you never know what to say. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! Good luck! I’m sure at least Hunter or Adam will be out. Have fun tonight!