AFI tour announcement! "Mourning in Amerika" w/ Rise Against & Anti-Flag


An EP would be the shit. We haven’t had an EP for like 17 years?!?!


Totally,there is nothing like an AFI crowd it makes the show way better.I really hope they get more than 30 mins,I’m not a fan of rise against so I see your point I will be leaving early too.The only time I saw AFI open was for the cure and that was dope they played almost an hour and the cure played 3!I guess we’ll see after the first show.


I was pretty indifferent to Rise Against when I saw them with AFI in 2001 (even though they seemed like a thing I’d like at the time), so I’m guessing I’ll be WAY more indifferent to them in 2018. Anti-Flag has some stuff I dig and I saw them a ton of times living in Pittsburgh but I haven’t thought about them much since about 2004 or so. Still kind of debating maybe hitting the SLC date of this.

Optimistic but not completely unrealistic hopes for this tour:
-AFI pulling out some Blood songs that didn’t get much action last year
-Possible new AFI song? It’s probably been a while since they played something that hadn’t been released (at least as a teaser single) yet, but they did it in the past with Kill Caustic, a couple StS songs, Sacrifice Theory, Narrative of Soul Against Soul, etc.
-Rise Against pulling out a cover and having Davey do guest vocals. That could be a reason to hang out for the RA set even if you’re not into them.


I know. It’s so sad.

@Ksf145 I saw them open for Green Day, and I think that was at most 40 minutes. Davey did come on and sing with Billie-Joe on one of my old school GD faves “Who Wrote Holden Caulfield,” but I love both bands. I saw Rise Against ages ago, and that show left such a bad taste in my mouth for the band and its fans that I never really tried to get back into them. And I have taken issue with Anti-Flag for years.

But AFI shows are half the band and half the crowd; if the crowd isn’t into it, the vibe just isn’t there.

And I am SO jealous you got to see AFI open for The Cure. SO jealous.


First sentence… very true. Hopefully it’s nuts but it’s likely NOT going to be like a headlining AFI show but whatever.

Also, surprisingly, I’m not a huge fan of the Cure at all. I’ll admit wearing a Cure shirt in middle and high school, JUST BECAUSE it was a trend.


Really? Huh. Actually, I don’t automatically see a correlation between AFI fans and The Cure fans. AFI has some more obvious influences now from them, but earlier stuff is almost devoid of their influence (sonically).

But the Cure are SO GOOD live. SO GOOD.


I am so jealous of you right now @_tonibell. So, so jealous!


So I have to take that back… I just listened to a bunch of their greatest hits and remembered.

I was just never a huge fan. I’m a fan of the Cure but prefer their greatest hits.


Listen to Disentegration in its entirety on a night drive itl hit you,mark hoppus from blink was super into them,Davey also loves him some Robert smith.I know their classic albums but their discography is so deep I definitely got educated with new material like "maybe someday"


It was one of the most transcendent moments of my life.


Okay, fair. A lot of my friends hate them, so I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea.


The Spotify presale code is “houseonfire” if you need it.
I just got my tickets!


My wife just got our tickets for Philly and NJ!!!


Got a ticket for Seattle! Still debating on Vancouver…

The live nation presale code is ‘encore’ if anyone needs it


I’m taking my boyfriend to his first AFI show for Philly too!
Maybe if enough people are interested we can have a meet up? :grin:


Philly presale code is ENCORE.


I’ve not heard of these bands but I’m trying to figure out if I want to shell out my $ for this. I’ve always seen afi as the main band.

I would also be driving 4 hours to go see them in Nashville.


Worth it.

You’re seeing AFI. You might not get the chance again for YEARS.


Do it brother,AFI live must be experienced!


Man I’ve only missed one Houston AFI show since 2000 and that was the Carnivores Tour. I actually really want to see them this time but the ticket prices are steep considering I’m not a fan of RA or AF. Still on the fence about this one.
I’d actually love to finally see BA though as they’ve never played Houston in all these years. That just blows my mind. We don’t seem to get as much love since STS when it comes to touring. STS show with Thursday cancelled(albeit justly so), No DU show save a 30 min Warped set, a pretty uninspired CL show. Though the Burials and Blood shows here were awesome, Austin seems to always get the better set lists. Hmm.