AFI VHS Thread - General Discussion


So… have any of you ever seen this footage? It’s from “Punk Rawk Show” VHS/DVDs.

Start it at 3:30 and it goes to after 9 mins.

It’s a lot of behind the scenes footage of AFI recording “He Who Laughs Last”. I’ve personally never seen this footage before…

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Never seen that before :open_mouth: Thanks for sharing…


Yeah… the first time I watched it and the video producer says “we’re going to Dave’s apartment to record him looking out the window”… I reminded it. I was like, “Did he seriously say he’s going to Davey’s apartment to film???” There is a lot of close-up footage of Davey too… as humble as always.


Sometimes I really hate ebay…


Wow nice find! I’ve never seen this footage either. Crazy to see where he used to live. I was cracking up when they were putting the fake blood on him lol.


If this is a thread on the VHS tapes out there I’m hoping @4ibanez @Acidpickle @Slinch @Pablo could post info and pics in the VHS tapes they have? It would be interesting to see what is out there.


I’ve seen this before but I can’t remember where! And a while ago like mid/late 2000s. And it was stand alone, not this whole video. This is gonna bother me now…

Thanks for sharing!

Edit: @Pablo did you share this vid back in the day?? I know I downloaded a ton from you so maybe that’s where I saw it…


That is correct. The excerpt where HWLL is featured was a stand alone video dubbed as “The Making of” HWLL. It was available for download on AFI Series, and I uploaded it on my YouTube channel with way, way better quality.

There’s also a DVD where Third Season is on, which features a band only version, and a kids only version. It’s on my YouTube channel as well.

@Snobgrass, I do not have any VHS. That’s actually the only format I’ve never ever had anything of, haha.


Seems like a pretty great video! Not only because of AFI, but because of Face to Face and Samiam… If I ever see this in like, a thrift store or something, I’m picking it up. lol


Once I get a VHS player I’m going to check out the two VHS I just scored.

It may sound odd but I’d rather have the VHS than DVD since VHS would ideally be older.


If you get a used VHS player take the top off to clean a few pieces with alcohol. There are a few videos on youtube. It’ll run wayyyy better and not damage the VHS. We just got one for old disney movies


Found this one for $6.66


FUUUUCK! You and I are officially battling.

Yo, what year is that one??? Also, how did you find it? Was AFI in the auction title or did you get lucky?

LMAO>… great score!

EDIT: You still have the crown jewel with that promo VHS of “He Who Laughs Last”. That was a sick find.



@Snobgrass this is your fault! Literally just searched and found this one for cheap (about $15 w/ shipping)


I just stumbled across it on eBay this morning. Not sure what the year is but I’ll post better pics once I receive it. It’s funny that we are both after vhs tapes now! I missed those ones you found a couple weeks ago so now I’m diligently looking. Good job on that Cinema Beer Nuts VHS. I’ll be watching!!! :eye::eye:


Yours was 2001. I checked out that auction and saw the date on it. The one I just got was from '97.


Record and upload the videos please when ever yall get them going :laughing:


Right now I have two older VHS tapes but I do not have a VHS player… yet. I’m more excited to eventually watch the Nitro Records EPK tape I got…




I don’t have a VCR player either. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: