AFI's Concert Showmanship


I was just curious if anyone knows when (approximately) the concert showmanship of calls for audience participation like this

Or did it evolve as different songs became more popular with fans?


They did play DOTP a lot during tour, but even at Sayreville it seemed like this. I remember when they just came on the stage, after Strength Through Wounding and I could still barely hear Davey because the crowd was singing along so much.


They’ve done this for a while. I think as far back as 2003/2004, maybe even further back. But I remember people doing that for a long time, but it might just be the places I see the shows. NYC show ALWAYS have that for almost every band I’ve seen.


Plus… DOTP is just one of those songs that I feel really anyone would like. It’s the equivalent to STS Girl’s Not Grey, except a '00 version… IMO.


It does lend itself to call backs. They always have so much energy when playing it, too.