All hallow’s bundle

It takes some balls to sell a new bundle when people haven’t received their BSITS bundle. But they do this people will buy nonetheless


So, this is already OOS? Not that I should be buying this too… but I’d like to get the bundle, but it looks like it is indeed out of stock… yes?

EDIT: Thankfully, I already got 2 of the picture discs coming by way from the other link we knew about. I did want the shirt bundle though… oh well!

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If anyone has an extra shirt bundle in a large lmk please🙏 it sold out so fast

Holy fuck it sold out so fast I literally mustve gotten one of the last ones jesus christ​:joy::joy::joy: then again they could have over sold and tell me fuck you later still​:skull::skull::skull:

Something weird is going on. Literally looked half an hour ago and Xs,s,2xl and 3xl were all available, as well as the vinyl and patch. Now everything has sold out. There’s no way all of that suddenly disappeared that quickly, unless they literally had like 10-20 of each size

I was litterally just talking to someone about that. They probably had about 100 to 200 printed out for the mediums, smalls and large. But for the xs,xl,xxl they maybe did half of that.

The warehouse already lost them all


It’s another clusterfuck. So it looks like there was only a set number of patches, and if people ordered the vinyl and patch rather than the full bundle, it essentially took a patch away from that, meaning the last few people to pick up the ‘bundle’ only get the tee and vinyl.

How do they make something pretty straightforward organise so bloody difficult for themselves? Have double the number of patches to t-shirts. Stick one patch with every shirt, and then the other half separately in the patch/vinyl offer. Boom, done.

I already have one of the original All Hallows shirts, so not real upset to miss out on the bundle.

I did a naughty and bought one of the All Hallows’/fall children bootleg shirts of eBay a few weeks back. Design was sick, so thought fuck it. So with that and the picture disc it’s only really the patch that I want, and I’ve already got that somewhere (although have no idea where it’s gone).

Almost caved though earlier and decided to go for the bundle. By that point it had sold out, which is probably for the best in terms of my bank balance

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The shirt would’ve been an instant sell if it had a “20” anywhere on it… kinda like what I discovered with the Black Sails shirt after I received it.

I feel like this is said every PO but… AFI needs to drop WEA already for their merch services. That “warehouse moving” banner is STILL on top of the site for all artist sites.


I absolutely agree, they really need to use someone else for their merch other than WEA. I miss the Cinderblock days…

I almost considered cancelling my Amazon order and getting it from their merch site, and then I remembered when I preordered the “Missing Man” EP and the shipping for it ended up being more costly than the record itself. Sure, it was only more costly by one cent, but still… what the fuck? Prime shipping is free, soooo…

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Amazon was the easy choice for this release. Cheap with free shipping plus its guaranteed to arrive on release date. With 5,000 copies, these are gonna be around for a while.

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The warehouse move feels like a joke, I completely agree.


Kind of bummed I missed this but I’m content that I pre-ordered the vinyl when we found out about it. Also curious about the quality of the shirt. My friend who got the black sails bundle said the print quality is terrible. Of those who got it what do you think? I’m also weird and miss the days of shirts being those heavy weight cotton tees.

I totally didn’t realize it was on Amazon… Went through that other site. Oh well.

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I miss those too. New quality shirts shrink in the wash instead of fade and unravel easy.

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I actually like the new shirts… very soft and stretchy/comfortable.

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How’s the quality of the reprinted shirts? There’s been a couple I’ve looked at but I’m never willing to take the risk in case the print job is shit.

They’re ok. Not what I would call ‘premium’ but not totally shit either. Pictures of the actual one I received. Not quite as crisp colour as the listing makes out, but not far off and honestly unless you stick your face right up to it then you don’t really notice any different