All hallow’s bundle

Amazon was the easy choice for this release. Cheap with free shipping plus its guaranteed to arrive on release date. With 5,000 copies, these are gonna be around for a while.

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The warehouse move feels like a joke, I completely agree.


Kind of bummed I missed this but I’m content that I pre-ordered the vinyl when we found out about it. Also curious about the quality of the shirt. My friend who got the black sails bundle said the print quality is terrible. Of those who got it what do you think? I’m also weird and miss the days of shirts being those heavy weight cotton tees.

I totally didn’t realize it was on Amazon… Went through that other site. Oh well.

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I miss those too. New quality shirts shrink in the wash instead of fade and unravel easy.

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I actually like the new shirts… very soft and stretchy/comfortable.

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How’s the quality of the reprinted shirts? There’s been a couple I’ve looked at but I’m never willing to take the risk in case the print job is shit.

They’re ok. Not what I would call ‘premium’ but not totally shit either. Pictures of the actual one I received. Not quite as crisp colour as the listing makes out, but not far off and honestly unless you stick your face right up to it then you don’t really notice any different