All Hallows EP Vinyl...?


So, I will likely start checking Nitro Records again frequently. With that said, there is no description to this… I am assuming it’s for the 10" version???

The price screams 7" vinyl… am I missing something?


Yeah that’s the 10".


I kinda have to get this then. I only have the 7" currently.


That’s like the exact opposite of what everyone says.


Ummm, @STORMS , I bought one of the 10" for five bucks in Lancaster (the original cost me a cool $200).


Where at in Lancaster? AYP?


No, sorry, I meant Lancaster County- Bird in Hand. One of those Amish towns. There is/was (haven’t been in a year) a small rockabilly store and they had it. It was originally 15, then 50%off and then I saved money because the guy liked my taste in music (I bought a bunch of old Elvis 45s).


So this is still a really good deal for the 10". It is only about $13 w/ shipping.


Yes! GET IT.

(Fair warning: I have been accused of being an enabler when it comes to shopping, so…)


I planned on it, but I’m in no hurry. I gotta slow down because for all I know a Dork will appear soon.


LOL. I understand. :slight_smile: