Allow me to Introduce Myself


@ghostwriter it’s nice to meet you!

Your AFI intro story is fabulous - that is an amazing song! I can relate because I used to play those games. I actually used to skate, but I was always terrible so playing those games made me feel a little better about myself… lol.

I would love to hear what music you’ve created, so yes, please post a link!

Also, this forum isn’t very old to excuse the, sometimes lack of activity, but we’re growing. This forum was created in June of this year when I decided to finally commence and start new AFI forums, so Welcome! Spread the word as much as you can, and welcome Home. :slight_smile:


Thank you! Ya I’m a huge video game nerd and the Tony Hawk games were some of the first I ever played. Fun stuff.


I tried skating but was horrible at it haha. I do londgnoard a bit while longingly watching people on skate boards pass me by.

There’s some of my stuff!

And from what I’ve seen so far these forums are great! Everyone seems really cool and nice. Thanks for starting them up!


Are those your vocals as well? Overall, it sounds very well done.


The whole All Hallow’s EP is my favorite collection of AFI music ever.

And I play guitar as well!


Yep! and thank you! I actually recorded it with a few of my classmates in school. We had access to the gear so thought “eh we might as well use it” Thank you for listening


All Hallow’s is a masterpiece in my opinion. Seeing Totalimmortal live this year was an amazing experience to say the least.


Which show were you at then? RAM’S Head or Sayreville? I was at Sayreville :slight_smile:


Hello! Am glad to have found this forum - I was sad when the DF forum became for DF members only.
My name is Naomi, I’m from the UK. Got into AFI after seeing the Love Like Winter music video (roughly around the time it came out) and becoming somewhat obsessed by the song and video. It’s still one of my favourite ever music videos - it’s beautiful. A friend at school lent me DU and the rest is history :slight_smile:. Seen the guys once on the Crash Love tour and wish I’d gone to the support slots for Deftones earlier this year, especially after seeing some of the set lists and reviews from the Blood tour!
Hoping I haven’t joined at completely the wrong time since AFI have finished touring but since Dreamcar is still active, BA might release some music soon and and Mr Havok never seems to sit still :stuck_out_tongue: there should be enough to keep the conversation going!


Hey! Welcome. Nah, people usually find AFI things to talk about. :slight_smile: Don’t worry! But welcome! So cool to see someone who got into them during the DU era (that’s when some of my friends finally got into them, haha). Let @STORMS or me know if you need anything. And, again, welcome! :heart:


Welcome @Sugar_and_Ice !


Thank You @_tonibell and @STORMS!


Welcome! I’m new as well but it’s great to see that the community is growing! What is the DF forum if you don’t mind me asking.
Love like winter really is an amazing song, I’m especially a fan of the guitar


Thank You! I was referring to the Despair Faction forum, which was on the Despair Faction website. The website was open to non-members and then changed to only members. I’ve just tried to look for it now but the website just redirects to AFI’s website so I don’t know what happened to the DF website! I’m sure someone can inform us?


It shut down. :frowning: I was a DF member, but because I was younger than almost everybody on those boards, I only lurked. But yeah they shut down.


I did some research before opening these forums and it appears the old forums will not be returning as they were. I actually reached out to Gavin, who actually hasn’t worked for AFI in several years.

With that said, I wanted to start new AFI forums and see if there was an interest. Granted, the AFI reddit seems active but after growing these forums, the Reddit no longer seems as active as I thought.

Anyway, every new member makes me glad I started these, so Thank You. :slight_smile:


@_tonibell @STORMS Thanks for the info. I mostly lurked too on there but was sad when I couldn’t lurk any longer! Thanks @STORMS for setting this forum up :blush:


Absolutely! So far, these forums continue to grow. It’s funny how AFINEWSHQ just featured the Noisey article about the old DF boards.

I suppose if more people knew about this forum, they would sign up. I did learn that the old forums were probably down for about 8 years.

Again, if they were the same boards as before… they were NOT as mobile friendly as these. :slight_smile:


My name is Alina and I’m currently in college. I first heard of AFI in middle school, but I didn’t really get into them until high school (2012-13 ish). At the time I was too young to go to any of the shows and my friends would not dare venture into that kind of show. HOWEVER, I went to three AFI shows in the past year- Terminal 5 in NYC, Starland Ballroom in NJ, and Aura in Portland, Maine; they were all AMAZING in their own ways and I STILL have AFI withdrawals.

I should also mention that I took random English classes during my first and second semesters of college. My prof proclaimed herself as the “brat princess” and “shopaholic” while making references to Girls Not Grey and AFI every now and then (most of the class did not get them, but that’s not important here); I knew that we would get along from that point on, and we did! However, things got a lot more interesting when we both came to class wearing the AFI Blood Tour shirts last February… Thnx for stealing my outfit @_tonibell (just kidding, a large majority of our closets are probably identical). SO LONG STORY SHORT, she’s pretty cool and an AMAZING prof. She is also partially the reason I found myself on this forum. The other reasons I’m here are because I love AFI (duh) and I want inspiration for my writing this semester :sunglasses: So Hellloo!


Yay! You joined. It’s a cool little forum that’s pretty active. :slight_smile: