Anyone every have an AFI member “like/comment” one of your posts?

I got these two from a couple of years ago. Jade never replied so I showed him the tweet when I met him in Houston :rofl:


So…some time ago…when Jade released “Ocean Eyes” cover…I left him a comment saying that I loved the cover and that he should be doing more…

Today…I got a reply from him!!! I still cannot believe it :smiley:


Damn I’m happy right now! :smiley:


you are so lucky!! I sent him a comment too but I got nothing back.

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Well…to be honest…I left him the message on October 18’…he only took 6 months to reply :slight_smile:



Jade just liked my post on ig, i feel like hes never active on social media so this just made my day


Okay that’s more rare than Dork


Thats super rare Jade has never liked or commented anything of mine nor dmed me where as Hunter Adam and Davey do them all like its no big deal

Ok everyone needs to follow jade on Instagram because he posts ridiculous stuff like this :joy::joy:

The original photo is of rapper 6ix9ine


Is the photo on the left Smith?

Correct, it’s smith :joy::rofl:

I can’t believe I never posted this… :grinning:

Davey had Liked and Commented on a photo I took of me buying ALL Missing Man bundles… needless to say, it made my night. :grinning:


So I brought my fresh outta the mail black sails flag to the MD show tonight, so afi could see some of their far away fans on the lawn. @astheycry and I held up the flag during the last two songs, and we were on the railing of the sky lawn, and davey pointed up at us multiple times while singing and it was magical. And then I posted this pic about it, davey commented, AND davey hunter and JADE liked the photo


THAT is fucking cool… amazing, amazing… :slight_smile:


OMFG! That just amazing! :smiley: Thanks for sharing this! :smiley:

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I bought these tickets as a bday present for myself, bday was the 16th, show the 17th, and this whole interaction made my birthday a million times more amazing. We were waiting for him to come to our side of the stage and look up to the sky lawn, and then bam we dropped the flag and he started pointing up at us while singing snow cats :joy:


Happy Birthday :slight_smile: What an awesome way to celebrate :smiley:


I don’t think I’ll ever get over how incredibly humble they are and the love they have for their fans is so touching. <3


Has anyone had any likes/comments on stuff totally unrelated to their music or posts that the band members have made or stuff you’ve tagged them in? Like a a picture of your dog doing some stupid shit, or something like that.

I find the older you get there is much less of a barrier between yourself and the people you looked up to. Pedestal you put musicians etc up on just seems to lower itself to ground level over time. By virtue of life I’ve ended up in rooms, conversations with various members of different bands and it’s just been like talking to a long lost mate.


A while back on the old forums there used to be an “Ask AFI” section for Df members and I remember asking Davey something about how he felt about seeing their first ever album printed or something. It was a surreal experience because I was only a teenager and never had someone I looked up to so much respond to me so kindly.