**APRIL FOOLS JOKE**Davey confirms Mourning in Amerika tour as AFI's farewell tour


Well, I guess this is why AFI decided to premiere several songs last year. To play them when they could


Sounds like it must be April 1st today?


Thanks for catching that @Snobgrass, I swear to God I hope you’re right,I doubt they’d disband in a supporting slot aswell.


Happy Easter, asshole. Er, I mean… April Fools?




This bums me out.damn.


The first post wasn’t real… you know that, right?


I’ve adjusted the title of this post to reflect that it’s an april fools joke.



good idea, @sayasha. Thank you.


Thanks for ruining my joke with an early spoiler :expressionless:


It wasn’t a very good joke @pablo. Sorry to poop on your party.


I always seem to forget about April fools for some reason.Idk why.


I feel like it was particularly easy to forget this year because it was both April Fools and Easter on the same date.


It wouldve been a good joke if jade didn’t already confirm that they were already working on new stuff for the new album during bloods release​:joy::joy::joy:


It would have been a good joke if the spoiler was at the end of my post instead in the title, completely ruining it… I used to make all the April fools joke for AFI News HQ and they were great.