Are side projects unusual?

Just a question because maybe I don’t have a lot of perspective on this being an AFI fan because they have so many side projects.
It just seems that Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) seems to be catching some flack (and maybe it’s just internet trolls?) for having a new band, and I don’t remember there being a lot of that thrown Jade and Davey’s way when they started Blaqk Audio. Or any of the other various side projects.
So, is it strange for musicians to have multiple bands? What’s the general feeling?

Well…actually Billi Joe have/had various side projects…Pinhead Gunpowder…The Network…Foxboro Hot Tubs (actually those two are GD with a different name and playing different music)…The Boo (BJ and his family)…The Longshot…

Tim Armstrong from Rancid has Tim Timebomb, The Transplants, The Silencers…

So I guess that it’s only Internet trolls… :slight_smile: At least…that’s my humble opinion :blush:

I figured he had to have had others in the past. Maybe people just weren’t as aware of them or he didn’t promote them as much as he has The Longshots?
Yeah, I think your call on the trolls is accurate.

I think when side-projects get involved, the intimacy fans have with their artist is almost threatened.

I would almost compare it to AFI’s changing from Nitro to Dreamworks back in 2003.

Let’s face it. Seeing Dreamcar and seeing AFI are two completely different shows. If I had to pick one, it would be AFI without question.

However, fans need to embrace change. Artists need the way to express themselves in a way that that same name i.e. AFI, Rancid, Green Day, may not do them justice. Could you compare rap music that features 5 other artists almost the same as a side-project? Just an example.

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If the band sounds similar to their main band it’s a “meh” to me. But, like with Davey and Jade’s bands they sound absolutely different, they have a completely different genre, so I love it, because I can appreciate even more music, different genres, coming from two of my favorite musicians/songwriters.

I love AFI, it’s always going to be my favorite Davey/Jade band, but I adore Blaqk Audio as much as AFI, and I really enjoy XTRMST and Dreamcar. So now I listen to alt. rock/punk, synth-pop/darkwave, hardcore and new wave. It’s amazing.


I do love that about AFI and their side projects. They all sound so different. I absolutely love Hunter’s Ukulele album :smile:

I’m on the same page as you. Especially how you mentioned that BA got you in to that genre… same thing happened to me.

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