Articia doll

Finally took Art, Articia, and Heartbat out of their boxes tonight after moving into a new place, and Articia’s umbrella immediately snapped! Anyone got any idea of how to repair this (or a spare I could buy)? It’s such a narrow piece of plastic I doubt superglue will hold it.

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Wood epoxy glue work on it?

I’ll have to go and buy some tomorrow and give it a try. The part where it’s snapped is maybe 2mm thick so I’m not sure if anything will hold up for long :frowning:


I don’t suppose you have a hand drill with a fine drill bit to make a hole in both parts for an inertial splint?

It’s less than 2mm thick so nowhere near enough space for that :frowning:

Perhaps something like this, with a dab of Loctite. I know that they use magnets similar to this to repair Warhammer 40k figures. Sorry to hear that that happened.

ooh that’s a tricky one. Mine got knocked off the shelf where it was sitting and the umbrella snapped a bit further down - but we’ve basically got a drawer of assorted glues so I’m not sure what I used. Might have been loctite, might have just been a plastic glue? I think I did spend maybe half an hour or so just sitting holding it in place while it dried.

If it were me, I’d probably try a tiny amount of superglue on both pieces, then just hold it in place for a while, like @herdivineshadow suggested. Sorry, I’m not much help on this one. I hope you can fix it. :crossed_fingers:

Thanks everyone, I’ll give some of these a try! I hope I don’t accidentally glue my fingers together or anything :flushed:

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