Back Issues of Alt Press Featuring AFI

I didn’t know if anyone saw, but Alt Press has back issues available- the Hunter, Adam, and full band version of the 2006 cover of Alt Press- and I believe the Crash Love era cover. I already had the Jade and Davey 2006 covers, so I figured why not round it all out. Anyway, they’re $3 each (shipping can be a bit steep- around $7). But I figured I would let everyone know.

Here’s the link:

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Nice find! $7 is nothing. After all, these are older magazines. I’d rather get them this way than hunt and deal on eBay.

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Yeah, well, I wasn’t sure if people were going to be happy with that if they are only going to buy one mag. LOL. But, yeah, overall, $7 is nothing compared to what you might have to go through to get these online.