Barricade life, my impressions for the first time


So my wife and I went to see GWAR the other night at Rams Head in MD. Right when we walked in I spotted an opening at the barricade while she glanced at merch. Note: I don’t care for GWAR, this was like a Birthday gift for her.

If you’ve never been to a GWAR show, they spray (fake) blood at you through their whole set so we were both drenched.

Granted I was not into it like I would be for an AFI show, but I almost found being in the crowd and fighting for my position MORE exciting than the barricade. At the barricade there was nothing to it… I just held on and after a while my feet started to hurt (black chucks).

Maybe I need to experience AFI at the barricade before I judge.



Like what are our thoughts about being at the barricade for any show??

I’d probably only want barricade now for AFI. I’ve been at the barricade for several shows, and usually it sucks, especially because I constantly have to deal with crowd surfers suffocating me because I’m pretty short, and I almost always end up with a security guy right in front of me so I don’t even have a good view of the stage. I saw Sick Of It All in New York years ago, and that was okay. Still had to deal with some crowd surfers though. I also saw Rancid in once, and that was fucking awful. I had to get out, and went up to the balcony. My ribs were bruised for days. Got kicked in the head a few times. Also some guy’s ass in my face constantly. There was nothing enjoyable about that experience in the slightest. Crowd surfers are what mainly ruin barricade for me.

That being said, I’ve been to some other shows, with slightly older crowds, who still listen to older bands that still make the rounds occasionally, where there are very few or no people crowd surfing, and that has always been fun. I got a chance to see 7 Seconds a few years ago, and got barricade slightly left of center super easy even though I got there after work so it was already late and the first band was about to play. But it was really a cool show, everyone was great. Because most of the people there were an older generation of punks, most people were like in their 30s and 40s. It got kind of insane, but not to the point of being kicked in the head or anything. I think what’s appealing about barricade, in my opinion, is the opportunity to interact with the band. I was probably the youngest person there, and Kevin lost his shit when I was screaming along to the Sham 69 cover they played, and he shoved the mic at me lol. It was really fun. I mean I rarely go to shows anymore, but even then I prefer balcony nowadays.


I’ve always had different experiences for barricade. It depends on the city I’m in. In NYC, things get CRAZY. Like, tons of crowd surfing, a lot of shoving, people trying to rip you off barricades (this is for ANY act). I swear we’re just animals when it comes to this stuff in NYC.

But, in other cities, things are usually pretty chill at barricade, which is why I like it. I can actually enjoy myself and SEE the band (being 5’1" makes it hard to otherwise).

I don’t know, I love being barricade wherever I am, no matter the energy. I feel like it’s more intimate.

Though, honestly, you are an AMAZING husband for seeing GWAR. I HATE them.

Sorry, strong feelings there. I have had too many bad experiences when it comes to them, all for my friends. NEVER again.


Ha, thanks. Yeah, I’ve never been a fan. An old best friend of mine (no longer even much more acquaintances) loved them. My wife has always liked them so we went. I enjoy parts of their show, but this time not so much considering I was getting cold and annoyed.

I’ll have to try to get the barricade at an AFI show sometime. I really enjoyed where my wife and I were at Sayreville though. Considering Davey was almost in the crowd right where we were… it was an amazing experience. I’m still so happy I was “that guy” recording.

For the record, I am 100% anti-selfie… I hate them, speaking personally.


Uhhhhh…stray from my Instagram, then. LOL.

And, yeah, I love barricade. It makes my life easier in terms of seeing. Haha.

And, God bless, man. GWAR is a whole new level of WTF in my world. Again, you are an amazing husband for going.


Nah, don’t take that the wrong way about the selfies. I personally don’t like taking them.

Regardless, in a few years hopefully I’ll be looking forward to AFI barricade life. :slight_smile:


Haha, I didn’t. :slight_smile: And I understand that. And, if you decide to be barricade next tour, lmk. We can hang on Jade’s side together.


I had AFI barricade life. Totally worth it.
Other than that though, I go to so many smaller shows that never need a barricade that I just don’t think about it or I get front row almost instantly. Front row doesn’t mean a whole lot when there aren’t a lot of people in the room with you. Larger shows I really haven’t been up front at all. And that’s cool, I guess? The superfans can have the front row.