Black Sails anniversary bundle

Something arrive to my old place…waiting for my former landlord to come back from vacations so he can re-send it to my new place :slight_smile: Weird that it wasn’t redirected like the t-shirt and flag :frowning:

Is anyone selling any of this bundle? If so id like to discuss compensation. It went out of stock the day it came out and AFI sent me an email saying it was back in stock, so igota confirmation it was coming… A day later AFI was like “Whoops. We made a mistake.” I desperately want this bundle though. Anyone get anything they didn’t want? I’m a Large or XL in shirts. (Broad shoulders.)

Thank you all,

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Just got an email confirmation for an order for a black sails shirt, I assuming they’re sending out new shirts to anyone who emailed them about their shirt being crooked. Hopefully shirt #2 looks better!


I really hope the band drops WMG after this nonsense. Its been weeks and I’ve only received the keychain so far. Their customer service is horrendous and has offered zero help. I have a feeling they’re just going to cancel the remaining orders and refund everyone because they can’t seem to figure it out.

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Got all of the bundle now. 4 separate packages, and the patch and keyring packaging were a total piss take. This is what the keyring came in, on it’s own :man_facepalming:t2:


Genius, same here! My patch however arrived like this… :man_facepalming:t3::joy:


I guess I should be thankful that none of it screwed me over with import tax

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I got my shirt a month ago, got my patch last week, and got my keychain yesterday, so they’re still sending things out piece by piece. I’m just waiting on the flag now… hopefully it arrives soon! And I’m in the US

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Still need my flag and patch…

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That’s mad. I’ve got everything now in the UK. I literally don’t know how the merch company have managed to stuff this one up so badly.
Don’t know if anyone else follows Enter Shikari, but they are an example of how you do everything right. Their fb forum has their management team on it. They engage constantly with the fan base, bring out merch because people have requested it in the past, or look to the fan base for feedback before going for a full print run, constantly update you with what’s going on and sort out the best they can the issues you might have. It’s a level that goes way above any other band I follow, and it really fucking depresses me how far behind AFI have fallen with this sort of thing, when once they were the front runners.


My Keychain arrived yesterday :slight_smile: So I assume that the box that ended in my old place is the patch…I just need to wait for my former landlord to come back from vacations so I can get it :wink:

I hope AFI or management or whoever the hell manages that…try to fix this…hate to have almost everything and see people still waiting :frowning:

Im still waiting on my shirt. my order is still open.

I still only have the keychain. I can’t get any updates from customer service either.

I emailed merch yesterday to see if they were still sending out the rest of the bundles since my flag is missing, and this was the response

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What an absolute load of bollocks. They have well and truly fucked this one up haven’t they


I placed my order in MAY and it is AUGUST and I just want my flag :sob::sob:

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Word for word those are the exact responses I keep getting. I think they are trying to cover the fact that they won’t be able to fill these orders. When moving warehouses there has to be a plan in place especially for a company this size. I don’t believe a planned warehouse move would take this many weeks. If they are still “checking in inventory”, then that’s probably code for “we lost this shit.”

I would advise checking with your payment methods to see how long have until claim window closes. There’s only so many days that you are covered before that window closes.


I think the worst of it all is that there are actually other items in the store that I want to buy but this whole disaster is stopping me


I ordered the splatter missing man vinyl like 2 weeks before I ordered the black sails bundle, and I got the vinyl about a month after i had placed the order. They had a disclaimer in the email saying it was gonna be late because of the warehouse switching.

Still got the vinyl weeks before I got any of my black sails bundle though

Lol send that to them in an email and see what response you get.