Black Sails Appreciation

Love Who Knew. One of their hidden gems. Good to see it get some live time on the blood tour (shame it wasn’t over here mind)

Wait, was it really released in April '99? I always thought it had been released in May, because I seem to remember being out of school for like the first week of summer vacation at the time, and we always got out the week before Memorial Day (US). Either that or my memory is shot.

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Hunter weighed in



Ahaha I was going to say. I thought I was losing it for a moment lol.

It’s okay, Jade. We’re all old as fuck. All I can really tell is it’s been a long time. I agree with Hunter though. :metal:

That old list of his is awesome to see. I can’t believe he still has it.


Maybe he was going off the wrong information on Wikipedia? :joy:

Also, anyone who asked for a sticker, I dropped them in the mail this morning!


Thank you so much @astheycry for the sticker! They came out great. I love it


Looks great! Can’t wait to get home to check my mail!

@AstoryATthree you’re welcome! Glad you like it!

@astheycry Got mine in the mail yesterday! It looks awesome! Nice quality too. Thank you so much for making these. :slight_smile:

@Vanished of course! Glad you like it!

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I admit I’ve barely given this album a chance. But I am definitely going to give it a hard listen today; this thread has me hyped :slight_smile:


@Acidpickle @Nick210 have y’all received stickers yet? Not sure how long international first class takes…

Not yet. Canada sucks.

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My friend did a Black Sails flash page for the 20 year anniversary. Check it out:

It’s a little more loosely interpreted than the Jared Gaines one, but thought you guys might still be into it.


This poem and really just Midnight Sun overall inspired a poem that I ended up getting tattooed on me.

“O thee, who once looked down upon me
I’ve gained strength since its last”

There was more to it, but those were the heavy hitting lines…