Blackout Tattoos


This isn’t much of a topic, sorry, but I did have a weird thought that felt oddly visceral, and wanted to share.

Burials is a dark album. And now, basically half of Davey’s body is black. It’s like he moved from the audible to the visual in his expression of whatever it is he’s trying to get out.

Whether or not this is at all relevant to the actual reason he blacked out his tattoos, it made a strong association in my mind based on the burials imagery for some reason.

Does this make sense or am I a raving lunatic?


I heard that what he had tattooed on his arms really didn’t represent him anymore. So he wanted them gone. Don’t know anything about blacking out tattoos, but it doesn’t look bad. I imagine he has outgrown his fun-happy side from a few years ago. Being all serious now, the Nightmare Before Christmas sleeve don’t exactly mesh together lol.
On another note, I’ve heard he is always had issues with his arms. Never liking how they looked And feeling uncomfortable with them. Which is kind of weird but you know… he’s our Davey. He’s kinda a strange guy.



I think his arms look awesome. They’re blacked out but there are distinct muscle lines going through, so there is some character to them.


I noticed he blacked them out. I was kind of sad to see all that art go, but it’s his body. Definitely does seem rather coincidental that he blacked out the arms around Burials (he did black ghemmout around then, right? Because I thought it was around then, but I could be totally off), and he is someone who seems to think a lot about symbolism and motifs. If he wanted to match musical/lyrical tropes with visual cues on the body, that is a way to go. But who knows? It’s Davey.


I honestly prefer his newer tattoos, I’ve always loved tattoos but when people have them like he did it just looks too cluttered to me