Blaqk Audio news! New song!


Any body see this?

Fingers crossed this means we hear something soon!


In case anyone has noticed the website is down now as well. Which may mean nothing, but you never know.


And some actual news!


YESSSSS thank you for the heads up!


It’s up on Spotify!


Pretty awesome song. Finally it doesn’t sound like a CexCells song.

New album coming out March. Called Only Things We Love.

The song has potential to bring BA to mainstream.

And finally a release featuring Davey and Jade with an album cover that has more than 3 different colors.


Spotify won’t let me listen to it there. I think it’s because I’m Mexican. :rofl:


Oh no! Can you preorder the album on iTunes and get it that way maybe?


Haha, I was joking around. I got to listen to it on YouTube. It will eventually be available on Spotify! Thanks!


Cool song. Album cover reminds me of synthpop era Ministry or Cocteau Twins or something.


The new song is a bop. Like oh my gods that chorus +_+

I can’t believe that we just got new AFI and we’ll be getting new Blaqk Audio super soon. It’s too good to be true lol


Just got to listen to the world premier on YouTube. I’m so excited for this album!!! OMG, the tour is going amazing!!!


Preorders are up on the site, however no matter how I try the links don’t work.

Nevermind. brings up the actual store.


US tour dates up too. LA 3/16. Nice.


I’m definitely going to Seattle on 3/21. Probably Portland on 3/20 as well


Remember a couple of years ago Davey sticking up a tweet giving some love towards Gareth Emery. Did wonder if Blaqk Audio would steer a little in that Euro EDM direction. On this song, it would appear maybe so. Which would be awesome.


I really love this artwork. I don’t need or want a new hoodie but I’m really feeling the design.


So I’m terrible. Just ordered the autograph bundle and the other 2 versions of the vinyl.:joy: Closest show to me is Chicago so as to soon as I can (1/18) I’ll get tickets. I haven’t seen BA live so I’m really excited especially so close to when I just saw AFI in September.


Waiting till next week to get the flower vinyl. The hoodie looks really nice the sleeve print is what Im about right now :laughing: and planning to buy some plane tickets for the San Diego show maybe we’ll see some of ya’ll there.


The flower vinyl is so pretty!

Think I’m gonna go to the Philly show.