Blaqk Audio news! New song!


4th BA album and still no Texas show. What gives? Guess I need to give up my dreams of seeing them live.


I just ordered the autographed bundle. I love BA but I can’t go crazy like I do for AFI. AFI always has priority. :slight_smile:


I have to give it to you Storms, without the DF forums I probably wouldn’t know that vinyl collecting was a thing… Now I’m obsessed and had to get all 3 different presses. :joy: Such a sad existence I’ve had.


Well @Tetrona it is people like you that fuel my passion to keep these forums running.

It would be nice to someday, somehow get AFINewsHQ to recognize us and get the word out, but we’ll just keep going with word of mouth. :slight_smile:

We also have some vinyl experts on here: @Acidpickle @dnlkdwll