Blaqk Audio tour whos going to which Dates?


@Closetmonsterr I will see you there Im camping out for that show feel free to say hello :slight_smile:


I’ll be at the Philly show :cherry_blossom:

First BA show for me!


See you at philly​:black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


@Midnightrunner @Cher_I_Despair see y’all in Philly!


I won the free ticket Give away contest to see them! The show in Washington DC!!! So hella happy to see them there :black_heart::black_heart:


Random - assuming they will be selling merch does anyone know if they’ll take cards? Never have cash so will want to plan ahead.


Yeah they always have a debit reader attached to an i pad at most shows Ive ever been to


Cool thank you! :+1:


What time you guys getting in line for philly? @Cher_I_Despair @astheycry


Depends on my schedule after leaving the boston show


Probably not too early. I’m driving up from Richmond that morning. Also, I convinced my husband to come and I’m not sure I can also convince him to stand in line early :grimacing:

I can message you the day of and let you know our game plan if you’d like!


Love this setlist! You Spin Me :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:

I’ve been watching videos from the first show… why do most people just stand there? Sway your hips or something! :rofl:


Ill try and grab a setlist tuesday in SF,interesting they have the key next to the song,i know jades guitar goes a half step down for daveys voice,ill run the songs thru ableton to see if any of the songs were moved up or down from there original key for live performance.Cool sets so far I wonder if theyll play between breaths or again and again those were staples.Maybe well get asuprise like mute.


Can anyone confirm if that tank on sale at the show is female sized racerback or a regular tank?


They played mute last night in LA, here it is on YouTube. I’m gonna lose it if they play it in Philly :cherry_blossom:


Davey’s dance moves are HILARIOUS


I think they are cute and exude sexiness


I dunno, I’m sorry but I think Davey can’t dance at all, having said that I really have a lot respect for him to still dance nonetheless. I don’t think BA songs are to dance to anyway.


All I do is dance to BA songs :joy: well not all, but most. I am all about Daveys super dramatic dance moves, I expect him to fall to the floor and roll around at some point during the tour


Pablo my dude that is just blasphemy but I’ll put it aside because you’re an OG when it comes to fandom I’m on my way to the venue now going to hear some soundcheck snag me a set list hopefully it’ll be some surprises tonight I’ll keep you guys updated