Blaqk Audio tour whos going to which Dates?


I’ve been looking for the setlist from the prior dates have you kicked off your mission yet
Ps Adam is in the house



dark arcades debut


this 1000%

Glad I won’t be the only one dancing in Philly :joy:


Mute again errrr I still have 8 more chances I wont give up hope lol If I get that and mouth to mouth ill literally get everything I asked for :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


Seattle’s show was amazing. That cover of Fatherfigure? Agh. And Davey made sure everyone who was up against the stage got a little moment. It was beautiful


I will be at the Philly show!
We’re flying in from FL. I’ve seen BA once before in NY (their 3rd show ever!) but my husband has never seen them… He’s really excited. He was willing to travel if they weren’t coming to FL, soooo we’re traveling lol. I’m also bringing some local Philly friends/fam who aren’t really familiar with BA so I hope they’re ready to dance!


Philly friends, when are you getting to the venue?


Ok the Philly show was too amazing, so I just bought my ticket for DC!!! Time for round 2!

Are everyone else’s dc tickets will call only?


Yes mine are willcall


Yup, mine are also will call. If I remember correctly I they check your name off as you enter the venue. But I haven’t been there in a while.


Awesome, see you guys in DC :grin:


:+1: I think I saw you in Philly but I wasn’t sure if it was you and I felt like an awkward weirdo haha


I have physical ticket but I got it the day they went on sale


Ok the girl i was next to in line showed me her dreamcar tattoo on her arm and my response was “I’ve seen your arm before…on the Internet…in the fall children group :joy:” it’s ok we’re friends now.

So you can’t be more awkward than me! I’m driving solo to the DC show and probabaly cant get there until 4/5pm, how about you? I want to meet in person


Haha! I also started randomly talking to people in line :joy:

Yes, let’s meet! I’m driving up from Richmond but not sure what time I’ll be able to get there yet. Hopefully 5.

Also, website only says 8pm. I assume that means doors at 7 show at 8?


Just got confirmation that it’s doors 8 show 9


Ah, ok. Thanks for checking!