Bodies tour is postponed

It must feel so weird for musicians to release an album, but then not be able to tour it for 2 years after the release


@darlingiwantto, agreed. It must be so bizarre. I think it’s somewhere during this livestream that Davey spoke about that a little bit, and also about how lockdown just killed his creative flow. :worried:

That said, even though it’s sad the tour has been postponed, it’s good to know that the guys are so conscious of their own health and that of their fans. :heartpulse:


I was so bummed out when they cancelled. I was supposed to go see them in march for the first time.


I can definitely understand the disappointment. They did say ‘Hold onto your tickets’ though, so the shows will be going ahead when things are a bit safer.

This was supposed to be my first concert since the start of the pandemic. I was bummed, but very happy it was rescheduled and not plain canceled. Looking forward to November!!

Not long now @rentakey !!


Yes it’s coming up so quickly now! Let’s go!!!

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