Buzzfeed reflects on "Emo" trends of the 00's, featuring AFI buttons

A Buzzfeed author recently wrote and interesting and very true article about “Emo” (emotional) kids and what they wore in the 00’s. I can attest to this as I wore (and still do) all black Converse All-Star Chucks and a lot of black or dark clothing and shoes. I was introduced to AFI in 2000 so these “trends” were quite a thing, even though, I would never admit to following a trend.

Regardless, Buzzfeed has written about 23 things emo kids wore back in the early 00’s and buttons are one of the items worn. It’s significant here because they don’t feature just any button or buttons, but AFI buttons. I’m sure we can all relate to some degree.

Check out the article below:

Credit: Hazeley


All of those button designs predate the time when we had to share AFI with emo nerds who would go on to write buzzfeed lists. Get off my lawn, you damn kids. Haha.


Yeah, I still wear converse, though they are slightly less scribbled on now :slight_smile: and I still wear black nail polish, though not on my fingers, just my toes (work prohibits nail polish on fingers). My younger sister hits pretty much all of those though, I think I only hit about half!

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Help, please. I never followed any of these trends. Does that mean I was never a real emo?


It means you should be ashamed of yourself. Lol

I did a few of these things, but the reason I wouldn’t call it following a trend was because the things I did were more lifestyle and not just for that year.

Wow way to rub it in that your more emo than me. I should just turn in my DF cards.