Can anyone recommend a record player?

I’m looking to purchase a quality record player that comes with speakers, does anyone have recomendation? Not looking to spend a lot $300-$400 or less?

I would recommend not buying a record player with speakers. One of the most important things to consider when building your set up is to make sure the speakers are far enough from the turntable to avoid skips caused by vibrations. Players with built in speakers do just that. Plus there are no good turntables made with speakers. The cheap quality plus the cartridges on those tables will ruin your records.

For 300-400, you can get a good beginner/mid set up. I would suggest a Uturn Orbit Basic plus some active speakers. Active speakers have built in amps meaning you wouldn’t need a receiver. You would only need to purchase a preamp to connect the table and speakers.

Edit: Uturn Orbit Basic: comes in 5 colors and you can easily upgrade parts at your own speed budget. I.e. add an acrylic platter, change the cartridge, add a pause lever. Plus it’s Boston based.

Preamp: basic one to start with. You can always upgrade in the future.

Active speakers: read some of the reviews. I’m not an expert on budget active speakers because I use passive speakers. And I’m nowhere near an expert on passive speakers either. Basically, someone else here could probably help with speakers.


Thank you Dan, I appreciated your info. I’ve never gotten into the actual record players but with all the doubles I buy I’d like to start listening to them.