How many extras do you have?


Mine are mine, but I go to the store for out of state/country collectors.


@Ksf145 I just wanna mention how awesome it is of you for putting in so much effort on this today. Like damn, bro… Thank
You. Even if this doesn’t work out, you’re heart is huge and we appreciate it! :slight_smile:

@Snobgrass you were seriously looking at flights?!?!


Thanks storms,you guys are awesome I have two people located in bellflower who are going tomorrow and stopping by the shop lett’s hope.
Thanks for the mention @afi_vinyl, I don’t belong in the company of those names they’re vinyl royalty.I misunderstood are you selling copies! If your not I can add you to the list for.tomorrow


No, but if I had a lot of money I would lol!


I would for an original Dork! :slight_smile:


I’m set with mine. Offering to grab copies for you guys if your plans fall through, or instead of using a random craigslist person. I do it for other collectors as well.


At this point, so many people are offering to go. I’ll take one from whomever. Just message me if you are able to get one.


What an odd turn of events.


I just want a copy of this variant. Please.


Thanks I’ll take two I can send you the money throuh
Venmo or western union.


I’d rather pay you than someone off craigslist.if anyone who was with me originally yesterday I can spot you $ for a copy if needed.insectpins and snobgrass you know why I got two


Dnlkdwll, snobgrass,storms,ibanez4,and myself I’ will pay upfront for all of them so we don’t hold your day,is that cool afivinyl?I messaged you my cell,I work the details with them later so you don’t have to wait for a response from each of us


I can’t believe I forget insect pins in that list,add them please.
Thank you afivinyl


Whoever wants one, PayPal afivinyl@gmail.com
USA $20 + Tip (Shipped)
Europe $30 USD + Tip (Shipped)
Add $16 USD for any additional copies

Include your shipping address as well as your top 3 preferred numbers 20-100

If you miss out, I’ll make another trip next week


I’ll have it to you in 45 mins,if the deadline comes and the others are going to miss out call me I’ll PayPal you theirs,save you a trip


I’m at work, they have time


Just sent you some money via PP



Has the question been answered yet about if there are even copies available still? I would think that these copies (the limited to 100) would have been blown out in no time.


No answer yet,the guy wants his fee beforehand from craigslist,I say we go with afivinyl