CL onwards album special editions (CD)


Am I right in thinking that CL was the only post-DU CD album to have a special edition(s)? Did the Super Deluxe or ‘Cocktail’ edition of CL ever materialise? (mentioned in a HQ post below)


Times like these I hate. What I mean, is my detachment from roughly 08-09 till early this year.

I wish I knew more about this stuff. Plus, I still need the Crash Love vinyl and of course it’s super expensive on ebay.


The Crash Love vinyl is a thing of beauty to own.

But, yeah, I think the ones listed on that post were the only ones that came out. I have the iTunes deluxe version and the vinyl LP.


The “cocktail” version was the iTunes version that came with some extra video games and that etching contest or wherever that was.


Thanks. That sounds pretty cool to me :stuck_out_tongue:. @_tonibell Can you confirm what was on the itunes LP so I can decide whether or not to justify buying an album I already own twice? That’s if iTunes will let me buy off the US store 'cause it’s not on the UK one :disappointed:.


Here you go!


Thank You. Can you tell me about the non-music extras? The blurb on itunes mentions interviews and I know there’s extra pictures in the booklet. Is there anything else?
I know there’s this ‘interview’:


I actually never explored that. I can’t remember. I can look into it later when my fam leaves.