Consequence of Sound: "Ranking every Alternative Rock #1 hit from Worst to Best", Miss Murder lands on 247 / 354


Consequence of Sound has put together a very interesting and lengthy article that involves ranking every single number 1 alternative rock song from the worst to best (in their opinion). Since Miss Murder hit the number 1 slot back in '06 is qualifies for this list.

Without making you go through every single song, I’ll say that Miss Murder falls at the 247 mark on the list. However, to check out the surrounding songs and also to read COS’ review of Miss Murder, go here, directly to page seven where AFI lands.

What do you think of this review and replacement of Miss Murder? Do you deem it far or do you think it should be higher?

Credit: AFINewsHQ


Eh, I don’t know. I can’t figure out if I love Miss Murder for nostalgia same or because the song is that good. It’s not their greatest track- lyrically or musically- but it’s also not terrible. Either way, I don’t think it deserves to be amongst the dredges that are around it (though I love Ian McCullough’s song, so apparently I have shit taste in music). Whatever. I’ve never put much stock in those lists.


I usually end up disagreeing with the order of the lists too.