Davey joins Smashing Pumpkins on stage 6/27/18


A video that’s longer than 5 seconds has finally appeared of Davey covering Transmission by Joy Division with the Smashing Pumpkins last night.

Please excuse any formatting weirdness since I’m posting from my phone!


This is pretty cool. Wonder how this came together.


FUCK that was awesome! I’m not even a huge Joy Division fan but I might have to check this song out now. :slight_smile:


I know Jade has been working with Billy Corgan on and off on some of Billy’s solo stuff, so it’s possible they just kind of all know each other and Billy invited them all to the show. From instagram (because I’m excellent at stalking via instagram) it seems like Davey, Jade (or at least his wife), and Hunter were there. Maybe spontaneous, maybe planned? I’m just happy we got a video, even though cell phones were ‘banned’!


Yeah, I know they don’t like cell phones but it is SO hard to not record while you’re there. The video I recorded of Totalimmortal is amazing. Every time I watch it brings back all the memories if that night.

Cell phones: I get it, but it’s hard… lol.


I totally agree. I usually don’t record (I have a one song rule, I can only have my phone out for one song), but I am thankful for people who record songs and put them up on YouTube so I can relive the concert!


I don’t like the Smashing Pumpkins…never heard any Joy Division song…but hey! It’s Davey it’s on stage…then damn…that’s awesome :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m not crazy about Smashing Pumpkins… never have been. There’s a few songs I like but we’re talking their “hits”.

But insert AFI and I’m sold. :slight_smile:


I’m a third on that opinion. Smashing Pumpkins are not my fave, but throw Davey in the mix and i’m sold!


This is awesome. I never got into The Smashing Pumpkins but I’m so happy this happened! That crushing, melancholic quality of Joy Division works really well with Davey’s artistic sense, flair and vocals. Something about that combination is hugely satisfying.

Thanks for sharing this!