Davey on SiriusXMVolume talks Blaqk Audio (2018?!) ,Next Novel and more!


Davey mentions that Jade is currently mixing the Blaqk Audio record now. Davey hopes to also have a first draft of what will be his third novel before going on tour in 2018. Around the 7 minute marker is when they dive into Davey’s projects. Davey also states that “XSTRMST” is not currently active. On top of everything, Davey explains the writing process and the writings processes he had among all of his bands. This and much, much more in this Sirius session!

Listen to Davey on Sirius here:

Thanks to @sayasha for pointing out the YT link.


You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

I found the parts about his writing process for lyrics vs. fiction very interesting. It’s a good interview.