Davey Speaks with Noisey: Meeting Axl Rose, Broadway, Punk roots and more


So, AFI News HQ just posted about this lovely interview. This interview is conducted by Noisey.Vice.com and it one of the most revealing and lengthy interviews out there. Davey discusses a time where he meets Axl Rose, even though he didn’t plan to and the shock that came after. It even touches on his broadway time, his punk roots and much more. This interview is a dream.


It’s good. I particularly like this part:

“It must be weird writing about self-destruction in terms of drinking and drugs considering that’s something you just don’t do.
I’m surrounded by that, as most people are, so it really impacts me. I don’t experience it on a personal level and yet at the same time I do because it affect you when that culture is so prominent. Certainly the life I live is adjacent to a lot of that behaviour, so it’s really pronounced and I’m able to survive it a lot better than some of my characters. There are a lot of true stories within the greater fiction of my novels. Especially with the first novel, there’s a lot of truth to that unfortunately, not necessarily personally speaking. It’s crazy, I’ll often times write something… And it’ll happen. It’s bizarre. There are things that happen in real life that if I did write it would be bad fiction, because it’s so unbelievable. Continue reading here!

The journalist herself gets in the way of the interview a bit, but she is genuinely fan girling, so I can’t blame her.

Anyway, enjoy. :slight_smile:

Also, here’s a peak at the meeting of Axl Rose,

“Axl, I want you to meet my friend,” and it’s loud and she’s shouting down at him and he stands up, puts out his hand and says, continue reading!"

Credit: AFINewsHQ


I like that the part where he talked to Axl Rose.


That was entertaining.


Thanks for posting this @_tonibell! I made a few edits. I just added to it. :slight_smile:


No probs! And that’s fine. I couldn’t do a full write up because I was running out right after. :slight_smile:


It’s nice to know that Davey, too, cried during Big Fish. That’s one of my go-to “movies that make me cry.”


Beaches gets me pretty much every time. Bet Midler has an amazing voice, plus my Mom likes her a lot and when that movie was out there was some rough times in our life.

I really like Big Fish though… haven’t watched it for a while. Ewan is an amazing actor.


I ugly sobbed the first time I saw “Big Fish.” Actually, I still ugly sob during that movie. I try to avoid it for that reason.